Website Review: s2Member

This week, I'm reviewing the website for s2Member, a membership plugin for WordPress:


Let's start with some wins. 


  • check
    "It's like a cash machine." You did a great job with this paragraph, explaining the benefits of s2Member and how it will help the reader make more money.
  • check
    I like how you've spelled out the features of each type of license in the pricing diagram.
  • check
    Adding the description to each item in the features section is brilliant. It allows the reader to expand each item when they have questions.

Here are a few opportunities for improvement that can help improve sales:

Opportunities for improvement:

  • plus
    You have an incredible community and have done a nice job telling the reader about the many benefits they will receive when they use your software. To improve upon it, you could compare your software to a company where email is their only support option, which can take days to resolve an issue.  Show them how the community with s2Member is better.
  • plus
    You should include pictures in your testimonials.
  • plus
    The online demo is a brilliant idea, allowing visitors to experience your product before they buy.
    What happens after they complete the demo? Could you make better use of your email marketing to bring back the visitor if they don't sign up?

The Final Verdict:

You already have an impressive website, and by addressing these Opportunities for Improvement you can make it even better.

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