jayson-demers"Chris' SEO knowledge allows him to create great content for us that has been featured and cited across the web, on high-authority publishers. He created a case study that is helping to improve sales and fortify our brand.

Chris also designs and writes our weekly newsletter. I trust Chris to deliver the newsletter on time, and he is always willing to make changes to the layout when asked.

I would highly recommend Chris. He is easy to work with, communicates well, and is willing to share his ideas to improve a project."

Jayson DeMers, CEO, AudienceBloom, LLC


“As we increased our marketing efforts the need for a strategic copy writer became apparent. Chris has in-depth knowledge about our space and target market, writes copy that follows our messaging guidelines and always offers sound suggestions for improvement. He completes projects in a very timely manor, is communicative and very easy to work with.”

- Elizabeth Kulin, VP of Marketing, onehub.com

Do You Have a Writer that Understands Your Industry?

Chris HardeeIt’s so frustrating to hire a writer for your website and wait weeks to get your content back only to find out it doesn’t meet your needs. This happens primarily because the writer you hired doesn’t have the technical knowledge to understand your business or your customers.

Many writers don’t understand the special needs of writing marketing materials for tech companies. They’ve never designed software, built a network, or acquired the knowledge that comes from working with tech companies. On the other hand, many “tech” people can’t write engaging web content; they know the ins and outs of technology, but don’t understand customer relations or marketing. They simply can’t resonate with both technical and non-technical customers.

What if you had someone with 20 years of IT experience that knows how to resonate with both types of customers? Someone with experience in:

  • Software architecture and development
  • Database design
  • Network engineering
  • IT project management

Chris Hardee is a writer who can improve readership and conversions by writing rich, compelling stories without filler content. He has both the IT knowledge and the writing skills, along with marketing experience.

Chris Hardee:

  • Has 20 years hands-on experience in your industry
  • Can write content that resonates with both technical and non-technical readers
  • Is a certified project manager that delivers projects on time

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